Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Miss IDLA Mission Statement

As a representative of The Indian Defense League of America, Miss IDLA embodies the ideals for which the IDLA was created. She is proud and conscious of her Native heritage and traditions and respectful and accepting those of other ethnic groups.

She encompasses the spirit of the IDLA by honouring its proud history and works to promote its mandate to both young and old, Indigenous and non-Indigenous.

Miss IDLA is respectful of elders and agrees to share her knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Native culture and traditions. She is familiar with and has an understanding of the IDLA. Miss IDLA is alcohol and drug free and promotes health and wellbeing for all people. She is knowledgeable of Native issues, inherent rights and treaties and will assist in the preservation and perpetuation of the indigenous people’s way of life and most of all their inherent right to live and exist as respective Indigenous Nations.